Transfer Yard Set
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It's a busy day at the transfer yard! Thomas and Percy leave their shed early in the morning and are eager to get to work. They travel up, down, and around the Island of Sodor picking up and dropping off cargo. The engines stop and wait at the gate while the transfer crane is busy loading cargo. Little engineers will have hours of fun helping the engines be really useful!

Chug up and over bridge! Turn to lift and load cargo! Lift the gate to pass through the crossing! Launch engines from the shed!

31-piece set includes (Quantity):

  • Transfer Yard with crane(1)
  • Percy (1)
  • Thomas (1)
  • Engine Shed with special engine launching feature (1)
  • Bridge / track riser(2)
  • Cargo wagon (1)
  • Cargo (1)
  • Stop Sign (1)
  • Ascending Track (2)
  • 4" Straight Track (2)
  • 3.5 FFM Switch Track (1)
  • Short track adapter MM (2)
  • Short track adapter FF (1)
  • 3.5 Curved Track (14)

Part of the Thomas WOODEN Railway system.

  • Item #: 61278
  • Manufacturer: LEARNING CURVE
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 99588
  • Condition: New

Transfer Yard Set

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