The Mighty Eighth War Manual by Roger A. Freeman
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The Mighty Eighth War Manual by Roger A. Freeman

 Synopsis: The Mighty Eighth was the largest striking force ever committed to battle, and putting it in the air remains one of the greatest military achievements of the Second World War. Over 1,700 aircraft, involving 15,000 men and a vastly sophisticated supply chain, engaged in a ceaseless war of high-altitude daylight precision bombing. More than 300 photographs, maps, and line drawings--along with details of the procedures and improvisations that went into play--tell the history of this incredible success. A leading authority on WWII aircraft and their pilots (the author of six books on this division alone) discloses the operational techniques of bombers and fighters; the background behind weather and photographic reconnaissance; the secrets of special operations; as well as experimentation, training, logistics, and more. All the installations, armament, and equipment are here, too, from the airfields and depots to the gunsights and communication sets to the flight clothing and oxygen tanks. A splendid tribute to the men who helped safeguard liberty.

This book is from my father’s private collection and is in excellent condition with minor shelf wear. 

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The Mighty Eighth War Manual by Roger A. Freeman

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