Shen Zhen 167 Chinese Naval Destroyer 1/200
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The DD-167Shenzhen's the first ship of Chinese Navy most advanced Luhai class missile destroyer. Constructed by Dalian shipyard, the ship got sea-launched in 1998.Superstructures has special shape design to enable stealth capability. Length: 153m Width: 16.5m Power type: CODOG, 2 shafts Output: 48,600 hp Max Speed: 29 knots. Weapon: C-802 SSM launches unitsx4 HQ-7 SAM launches unitx1 twin 37mm flak gunsx4 533mm torpedo launch tubex6 (3+3) twin 100mm automatic main gunx1 kamov Ka-27 ASW Helicopterx1 Crew: 250

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Shen Zhen 167 Chinese Naval Destroyer 1/200

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