Dino Train - Biggest Dinosaur SET with Lights & Sounds
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Biggest Dinosaurs - Motorized Train Set - includes Conductor Buddy, Arnies, and Conductor Tiny.

The Biggest Dinosaurs on Earth! The Dinosaur Train is traveling to visit with some of the biggest dinosaurs.  Take Conductor Buddy, Conductor Tiny, and Arnies on an adventure through Mount Brachosaurus and stop along the way to visit with their big dinosaur friends. 

Press smokestack on motorized train and go.

Dinos move up and down in the flatbed car. Includes track for a figure 8 layout and Mount Brachiosaurus Tunnel.

Includes 3 collectible dinosaurs:Conductor Buddy, Arnies, and Conductor Tiny to get your collection off to the right start!

Train measures approximately 11.75" long

  • Item #: 62170
  • Manufacturer: LEARNING CURVE
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 53203
  • Condition: New

Dino Train - Biggest Dinosaur SET with Lights & Sounds

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