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On March 13,1982,The “CARL VINSON” mutli-function nuclear power aircraft carrier(CVN-70)served the It is the 3rd Nimitz class carrier and costed more than US$2 billion. The standard draft of Carl Vinson is 81600T. The full draft is 96300T, the largest knots is 33, the continues traveling ability is 800-1000 thousand/30 knots, the length of the carrier is 332.9m, the width is 40.8m, the draft is 11.3m, The length of the flight deck is 333.9m, the length of angle is 237.7m,the width of flight deck is 76.8m. The personnel formation is 3184 and the regiment is 2800. The power device is used 4 turbine generator, 2 water compressed piles and 4 shafts propeller, the total capacity is 280 thousand horse power, the self sufficient force is 16 days. It can perform the war duty under the 6class sea condition and can travel safely under 12 level typhoon.


  Length: 670mm
Width: 160mm
High: 175mm
Product code: 05203
Scale: 1:500
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  • Manufacturer: TRUMPETER
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 39949
  • Condition: New


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