C-130 USAF Transport 1/100
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Lockheed C-130H Hercules Designed to function as a troop, medical evacuation and cargo transport aircraft, the C-130 Hercules was first flown on August 23rd, 1954. Built by Lockheed and capable of over 40,000 lbs of payload, this four-engine turboprop aircraft is quite possibly the most versatile tactical transport in existence. Its modern roles include airlift and airdrop, electronic surveillance, search and rescue, space-capsule recovery, helicopter refueling and aerial attack. Capable of takeoffs and landings from unprepared runways, the C-130 has even landed and taken off from a carrier deck without benefit of arresting gear or catapults. USAF 317th AG, Dyess AFB, TX

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  • Manufacturer: MODEL POWER
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 5330
  • Condition: New

C-130 USAF Transport 1/100

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