Three standard Boeing 707-153s were bought by the USAF for Presidential and VIP transport and were the first jet military transports so utilised. 58-6970 (construction number 17925) was the first of these, making its first flight on 7th April 1959 and being delivered to the 1298th Air Transport Squadron/1254th Air Transport Wing of the U.S. Air Force Military Air Transport Service at Andrews AFB, near Washington, DC., on 4th May 1959. The aircraft were later transferred to the 89th Military Airlift Wing. A special communication station was located forward, ahead of an eight-seat passenger compartment. The centre cabin was arranged as an airborne headquarters, with conference table, swivel chairs, film projection equipment, and divans convertible to beds. The aft compartment contained 14 reclining passenger seats. Three galleys and two dressing rooms were provided. There was passenger accommodation for up to 40, with flight crew and cabin attendants numbering 18. This aircraft was often used to transport the President of the United States, when it was known as Air Force One and was in use prior to the delivery of the blue-painted VC-137C 'Air Force One' (also available as a Corgi model). In 1963. these aircraft were redesignated VC-137B following installation of JT3D turbofans. By July 2000, '86970' had been retired and was delivered to the Museum of Flight at Boeing Field, Seattle and can be seen on display there today.

Corgi's 1:144 scale Boeing 707 is large in this scale and features near-solid diecast construction. This model's sleek tubular shaped fuselage and wonderfully sculpted nose has pad-printed windows and doors that do not interrupt the lines of the aircraft. Each release features either the engine nacelles of the early JT3 engines or the later JT4 with turbo fan details clearly seen inside each intake. Equipped with individually applied engine noise suppression "hush" kits at each exhaust. Configuration for ground display is easy with landing gear that installs quickly and with air stairs for enhanced ground display

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Boeing VC-137A Stratoliner by Corgi 1:144

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