Bell UH-1C Huey US Army 114th AHC 1/87
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In September of 1965, Bell delivered its improved Huey Model 204 -UH-1C. The 1C had many improvements over its predecessors including "door hinge" rotors with wider chord blades, improved elevators and increased fuel capacity. This gave the Huey better speed, maneuverability and a longer range. 749 UH-1C helicopters were delivered with capacity for pilot and 8-10 passengers. Hueys were armed with machine guns and air to surface rockets. This helicopter belonged to the 114th Helicopter Assault Company.

  • Item #: 59782
  • Manufacturer: MODEL POWER
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 5601-1
  • Condition: New

Bell UH-1C Huey US Army 114th AHC 1/87

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