B-25J "GI Joes" - 1/100
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The North American B-25J Mitchell was a five-seat medium bomber. Named after a champion of US air power, William “Billy” Mitchell, the first B-25 took flight in the summer 1940. There were nearly a dozen variants of the aircraft, but the B-25J was the most common (4,390 B-25Js were actually produced). The Mitchell could reach a maximum speed of 272 mph, had a maximum take-off weight of 35,000 pounds, and was armed with twelve 12.7 mm machine-guns. ‘G.I. Joes’ belonged to the 487th Bomber Squadron, 340th Bomber Group (Rimini, Italy). (G Series-Yellow Box)

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B-25J "GI Joes" - 1/100

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