Hasbro #57737 “First Wave”
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Military Metal Series, #57737 - Hasbro G.I. Joe D-Day First Wave Statue - Premier Edition: This is D-Day - First Wave.....the first sculpture in the G.I. Joe Collectible Series Bronze Collection. The sergeant who is meticulously sculpted in this handcrafted statue is a squad leader dressed in standard fatigues. He has brogans and leggings and is armed with a Thompson .45 caliber sub-machine gun and a model 1911A Colt .45 pistol.

Sculpture is about 7.5 inches tall. Each First Edition piece has a serial number. Each piece comes with a Hasbro Collectors Certificate of Authenticity.

  • Item #: 40414
  • Condition: New

Hasbro #57737 “First Wave”

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