Battleship Design & Development 1905-1945
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Battleship Design & Development 1905-1945

Rear cover notes: "Many books have been devoted to the history or technical details of battleships, but this is the first layman's guide to the design process, the factors which governed the development of capital ships, and the reasons why battleships were built in a particular way. In chapters on the Hull and Seagoing Performance, Armour, Armament, and Machinery, the author outlines the essential compromises and conflicting requirements facing battleship designers. Most navies had good security reasons for withholding correct details of their ships but with the simple rules expounded in this book the reader will be able to identify misleading data in published figures, and to understand the emphasis - on speed, protection or fire-power - in any design. All examples quoted are drawn from real ships, and in passing the author reveals many little-known facts about the world's battleships, such as why the first German dreadnoughts nearly capsized, the real armour details for the Iowas, and the reasons for the King George Vs' 14 inch guns. Over 250 illustrations - photos, plans and diagrams - and complete accurate tabular data on all significant battleship classes complete a book that is required reading for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the most impressive warships in history."


This book is from my father’s private collection and is in excellent condition with minor shelf wear. 

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Battleship Design & Development 1905-1945

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