B17F Flying Fortress Memphis Belle Franklin Mint B11B634
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B17F Flying Fortress Memphis Belle Franklin Mint B11B634

USAAF 91st BG, 324th BS, "Memphis Belle"

Length 18-1/2" Width 26"

The most famous strategic aircraft of WWII! It will be known forever as Memphis Belle, the B-17F Flying Fortress that made history by becoming the first heavy bomber in the European theater to complete 25 missions—without losing a crew member. This intricate re-creation captures every feature of the actual bomber. You will admire the detailed fuselage, four engine housings built into the wings, landing gear and armament. Painted by hand, and enhanced by authentic military markings, including the original nose art. You can position the turrets and guns, and the canopy and ball turrets swivel 360 degrees.

Designed to meet a US Army Air Corps requirement for a multi-engined bomber to replace the B-10, the B-17 first flew on July 18, 1935. Best known for its role in the US Army Air Forces' daylight strategic bombing campaign during World War II, the B-17 could fly high and had a long range, and was capable of defending itself from enemy fighters. It was also tough, withstanding extensive battle damage, and was capable of carrying a 6,000 lb bombload. The B-17 became one of the symbols of Allied air power, equipping 32 overseas combat groups and dropping a total of 580,631 metric tons of bombs on European targets.

The Franklin Mint's 1:48 scale B-17 series brings new meaning to the term "heavy bomber." Weighing in at almost 8 pounds, these are quite possibly the largest and heaviest diecast models on the market. In this large scale, the series is able to capture detail that can be lost in smaller scales, such as the beautifully detailed "Norden" bombsight, which is easily visible through the nose copula. The canopy is removable, providing a clear view of the large cockpit interior, nicely detailed pilot and co-pilot instruments and controls, and a well detailed bulkhead that leads further into the interior. Rotating and pivoting machine gunner positions (in most releases) and Wright "Cyclone" engine detail inside the engine cowlings add a finishing touch

  • Item #: 49613
  • Manufacturer: FRANKLIN MINT
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: B11B634
  • Condition: New

B17F Flying Fortress Memphis Belle Franklin Mint B11B634

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